National Rapporteurs

The FIDE Member Associations are now in the process of appointing their national rapporteurs on the respective topics.

Following the FIDE tradition, all reports are published prior to the Congress, as they serve as the basis for the discussions of the different working groups. For this reason, national rapporteurs are requested to hand in the national reports no later than
22 July 2019. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that general rapporteurs will be able to take into account national reports handed in belatedly, or that it will be possible to include these in the publications of the Congress. We are aware that the deadlines are set a little earlier than usual. This has been done on the basis of past experience and consultation with our contracted publisher. We hope for your understanding.

National rapporteurs may download the author instructions here as well. We would like to ask for your help in carefully following these instructions. National rapporteurs are themselves responsible for the editing of the national reports; in principle there will be no additional editing or language check done. National reports can be drawn up in either of the three working languages of FIDE. National reports should not exceed 8000 words, including footnotes. Your cooperation is much appreciated and will greatly facilitate the work of the editors.