Young FIDE Seminar

Following a by-now good tradition, the FIDE 2020 Congress in the Netherlands will feature a Young FIDE Seminar (previously the PhD-Seminar). This Seminar will take place on 20 May 2020, the first day of the FIDE Congress, and it is hosted by Leiden University.

During the Young FIDE Seminar young researchers and practitioners can share their own contributions on one of the three FIDE main topics. A call for papers has been published which includes all applicable requirements. We invite everybody interested to submit an abstract by 15 December 2019. Attendance during the seminar is open to researchers, graduate students and practitioners working in the field of EU law, independent of participation in the main FIDE 2020 congress.

The Young FIDE Seminar will be opened by an eminent speaker.  Subsequently, the FIDE topics will be addressed by three panels during a plenary session. The different panels of the Seminar will be chaired by Young FIDE Rapporteurs. The young rapporteurs will present their observations during the main FIDE Congress and will also contribute to the fourth congress volume to be published after the FIDE 2020 congress.

We are looking forward to an intense and constructive exchange of arguments and ideas during the Young FIDE Seminar and invite everybody interested to register as of early December 2019 at this website. There is a maximum number of 70 participants.

Attendance of the Young FIDE Seminar is free of charge (this includes lunch). For PhD students who wish to attend the FIDE 2020 congress there will be a reduced fee available. Participation to the Young FIDE Seminar does not require participation to the main FIDE Congress. More information and updates about the Young FIDE Seminar will be published on this website.

The Seminar was prepared and organized by the Young FIDE Committee, which consists of Frederik Behre, Clara van Dam, Pauline Huurnink and Marijn van der Sluis.