NVER is presiding FIDE from 2018 until 2020 and, in that capacity, has been entrusted with the responsibility to organize the XXIX FIDE Congress to be held in May 2020 in the Netherlands.

NVER founded the Stichting FIDE 2020 for the organisation of the XXIX FIDE Congress with the following board members (the ‘FIDE 2020 board’):

  • Corinna Wissels (President), Member of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Dutch Council of State
  • Herman van Harten (Secretary General), Judge at the District Court of The Hague
  • Marlies Noort (Treasurer), Agent before the Court of Justice of the EU, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Marleen Botman (Social Programme Officer), Lawyer (advocaat) at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn
  • Jorrit Rijpma (Scientific Programme Officer), Jean Monnet Professor, Leiden Law School

Corinna Wissels


Corinna Wissels is a member of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State of the Netherlands. Before joining the Council of State in 2013, she was head of the EU law department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and agent representing the Netherlands at the Court of Justice. From 1993 to 1997 she worked in Moscow, amongst others as director of the IRIS Russia Commercial law Project, advising the Russian Government on the drafting of the new Russian Civil Code. She started her career as a lawyer in Rotterdam, Brussels and Amsterdam, specialising in European law (1987 – 1993).
« Ce qui est important, ce n’est, ni d’être optimiste, ni pessimiste, mais d’être déterminé » - Jean Monnet. It is my firm believe that the EU should remain a beacon of fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law, core values upon which it is constructed. A clear view on current and future developments, an open debate and a lot of determination may help the EU to overcome the huge and imminent challenges it faces. As EU lawyers, we can make a valuable contribution. European law is made by Europeans, lived by Europeans and of course discussed by Europeans.

Herman van Harten

Secretary General

Herman van Harten is a Judge and European law coordinator at the District Court of The Hague.

Currently he is predominantly involved in various civil law cases. Before he became a judge he taught and researched EU law at several universities. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam on the Autonomy of national courts in European law (2011). He has published widely on issues concerning the law of the internal market, judicial protection in the European legal order, and the effects of EU law before domestic courts.

The development of EU law is truly one of my legal fascinations. Whenever European law comes up in a national law context, the issues that arise are definitively intriguing and sometimes surprising. Solving conflicts, disputes and contributing to the realisation of judicial protection in the shared European legal order is my “raison d'être” as a judge. Promoting the meeting of minds on European law by organising the FIDE 2020 Congress in the Hague is most rewarding.

Marlies Noort


Marlies Noort is a senior legal officer EU law at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She represents the Dutch government in cases before the EU Court of Justice, the General Court of the EU and the EFTA Court. Before working at the Dutch Ministry, she worked at the EU Court of Justice in Luxemburg, in the cabinet of Advocate General Geelhoed.
The importance of Europe and European law cannot be underestimated. Not 60 years ago, and not today. Especially if you look at all the challenges Europe and the world faces, like climate change and digital revolution. There is a continuing need for Europe to lead in these areas. It’s my believe that a strong Europe that works in community, connection, cooperation and creativity is the best available option to face these challenges.

Marleen Botman

Social Programme Officer

Jorrit Rijpma

Scientific Programme Officer

Jorrit Rijpma is Associate Professor of European Law at the Europa Institute of Leiden Law School and Jean Monnet Professor.

His research focusses on cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs in Europe. He looks in particular at the link between security and mobility and the institutional and technological developments in this field.

European law never ceases to surprise, fascinate or intrigue. It is embodies not only our much valued diversity, but also embodies our shared past and common future. FIDE brings together colleagues and friends from across the Member States to contribute to further understanding and success. It is a great honour to be contributing to FIDE 2020 in The Hague.

The FIDE 2020 Board has assigned various elements of the organisation to several committees, most notably the scientific programme committee, the sponsor committee, the communications committee.

Communications Committee

Thomas Weber


Thomas Weber is a lawyer (jurist) at the Council of State where he works on appeal cases in the field of migration and asylum law. He graduated with a LLM degree in EU law from Leiden Law School where he has also taught several courses and conducted research in the field of EU institutional and EMU law.

Malu Beijer

Malu Beijer works as legislative advisor on EU law at the Advisory Division of the Council of State. She is also affiliated to the Radboud University as a a Research fellow. She mainly specialises in the social aspects of internal market law, fundamental rights, and the interaction of EU law with the ECHR and with national law.

Joost Hoogveld

Sebastiaan Cnossen

Sebastiaan Cnossen works as a lawyer for law firm Pels Rijcken, where he deals with the wide range of aspects related to European law, particularly state aid and competition law as well as various (sector-specific) regulatory issues. His clients include the government and regulatory authorities.

Young FIDE Seminar Committee

Pauline Huurnink

As a legal officer EU law at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs I represent the Dutch government in cases before the EU Court of Justice, the General Court of the EU and the EFTA Court. Also, I am a board member of the Dutch association for EU law, which promotes interests in and knowledge of this field of law and is a network for EU law practitioners.

Clara van Dam

Frederik Behre

Marijn van der Sluis