The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Europees Recht (NVER) is the Netherlands Association for European Law. It was founded on 24 September 1960 in The Hague. NVER was one of the founding members of FIDE. The association brings together lawyers, judges, academics, government officials, and other professionals from across the Netherlands with an interest in European Union law.

The association regularly organises conferences and other events. NVER organises an annual EU law moot court competition for students. It also awards a prize each year for the best master’s thesis in the area of EU law.

The members of the NVER board are Corinna Wissels (President), Charlotte Schillemans (Secretary General), Armin Cuyvers (Treasurer), Hélène Stergiou, Felix Ronkes Agerbeek, Herman Speyart, Clara van Dam, Pauline Huurnink, Sybe de Vries, Guus de Bruijn, Clio Zois, Caroline ten Dam and Edmon Oude Elferink.

NVER has more than 400 members and attracts many young European lawyers in the recent years. See for more information:

FIDE 1963, 1984, and… 2021

NVER has had the honour to organise the FIDE congress in the Netherlands twice, in 1963 and 1984.

NVER is very honoured to organise the FIDE congress in November 2021 for a third time in the city of The Hague.
During three days, leading experts and young talented new generations of EU law will engage in high-level debates, discussing the latest legal developments in European law, as well as enjoy more informal exchanges at one of the congress’s many networking opportunities.

Europe's lawyers in The Hague

“Europe’s lawyers in The Hague”, was the headline in De Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper, on 25 October 1963, for the second ever FIDE Congress in The Hague. Pictured on the far left is Jean Rey, then Commissioner for the EEC, who would become Commission president in 1967. Also in the picture from left to right are mr. Y. Scholten (minister of justice), mr. Beerman (former minister of justice) and mr. Sandberg (secretary-general of the congress).